People are the most important part of everything we do.

Stellar is a Team of Professionals that have worked in the industry for over 80 years combined. Prior to recruitment, our Team were previously Business Owners, Bank Managers, Finance Directors, Project Managers, Trainers, Lecturers, Coaches and Clinical Hypnotherapists. Our experience gives us a great business knowledge and a very good understanding of people

stellar (Oxford English Dictionary)


  • Relating to a star or stars.
  • informal Featuring or having the quality of a star performer or performers.

We call ourselves Stellar because not only do we want our candidates to deliver a Stellar performance, but – like the process of atomic fusion in stars, combine with our clients to produce massive amounts of energy, vibrancy and excitement in the workplace.

We work in partnership with you, where we look to delight you, fusing the right people with the right employer, creating a fantastic environment that is evolving all the time.

Our Mission.

To inspire a workplace culture where people work together in achieving fantastic results and growing the business in a happy environment. There is support, encouragement and a happy atmosphere, where a work life balance is revered. Importance is given to health and wellbeing and ambition and success are still celebrated.

Our Values.


We care about what we do and we commit ourselves to excellence.


We believe nothing is more important than our reputation and working with the highest level of integrity is fundamental to who we are.


We treat everyone with mutual respect and sensitivity, embracing individual diversity, we guarantee to always be inclusive and collaborative.


We are privileged to help our community with our charity work and protecting the environment.