I am looking to use Stellar Recruitment to fill a position at my Company, what are your fees?

Stellar offer competitive rates that allow your organisation to gain high quality candidates with fees that fit your budget.  Our fees have a direct correlation to the complexity and level of the job opening being recruited.

What is the best way to begin using your services?

Contact us to explore how Stellar can help you fill any opening positions at your Company today.

How much information do I need to provide when briefing a consultant about a position?

Our experienced consultants are trained to source effective and relevant information from our clients. We work to understand the skills, experience and most importantly the fit required to fit within your Company’s culture.

We also want to understand the key selling points the role has so that we can construct a candidate attraction campaign appealing to those candidates who are motivated by the role.

Do Stellar perform candidate reference checks?

Yes, Stellar performs thorough background validation.  We ensure that your potential staff are vetted to confirm that they can do what they say.  We also organise DBS checks if so required.

What are the benefits of using an agency?

Recruiting for yourself is time consuming, we can save you that time and subsequent loss of money.  Just add up the cost of phone calls, advertising, time spent reviewing the hundreds of CV’s you may receive, interviewing appropriate candidates, writing job descriptions and reference checking.

During this process you are unable to dedicate time to create profits for the business.

How can I get the most from my recruitment consultant?

We will ensure that our team will know everything about you, so that we are always available to help you.  You will of course always have one point of contact who will know everything we need to know about your business and its DNA.  Please be clear about your expectations and goals when you speak to us.

How do I request a temporary employee?

Tell your consultant at Stellar what you require, and we will find you a qualified temporary employee.

Our experienced recruiters will listen to what you’re looking for in your next temporary role, and we will ensure we fill this role as expediently as possible.