Mental Health

British Millennials have some of the poorest mental wellbeing in the world. The more severe an employee’s depression, the more expensive it is for the employer. A culture of fear and silence around mental health is very costly to employers.

  • Mental Health Cost Business in UK £35 Million per year (Virgin)
  • 16 Million people in UK experience a mental illness (
  • 12.5 Million working days lost due to work related stress depression, anxiety (HSE)
  • 40% of all work-related ill health – stress, anxiety and depression.
  • World Mental Health reported that 3/5 employees experienced a mental health issue in past year because of work.

Helping employees stay well and intervening when they are struggling makes Smart Business Sense

In the past 7 years Google, Facebook and Microsoft have all started offering on site counselling. Indeed, tech companies have been willing to improve mental health programs, this makes sense as a lot of their employees are under 40, and, according to recent surveys millennials suffer more with mental health than any other generation.

Enabling your employees to talk openly about their experiences without fear of judgment is a smart move. health is a combination of mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, and your Mental Health is just as important as your Physical Health. Creating a healthy, positive culture where everyone is respected and valued, will increase your bottom line performance.